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WIRL Career

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Watch these segments to learn how WIRL can bring your career program to life

Performing Arts

Rachel always loved singing and dancing and now she gets paid to do this every day

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About Wirl Career

Our Story.

After thinking long and hard about our respective career paths we realised that there was something missing back when we were at high school. Unless you were exposed to a whole lot of different career paths there was no real way to get a feel for what a job was really like. And since we base many of our most important career decisions (i.e. jobs, course selection) on our mental picture of what we think a job will be like we realised that young people really needed a career tool that could help them explore careers visually. That's how WIRL Career was born.
WIRL Career is the resource we wish we had during high school. Our goal was to build the best possible career discover tool around. That means WIRL had to be simple and easy to use but still look awesome and provide great information. For us WIRL Career is a labour of love and we get great satisfaction from staying connected with our users and school subscribers. We love to get any constructive feedback and take great happiness in updating WIRL with new features and new content.

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Trouble Shooting WIRL Career Website

WIRL Mobile

Whilst 95% of our WIRL subscribers have no problems with the website a small percentage of new subscribers can have some basic issues.  From experience we have found that these issues can be consolidated into the following groups. If you are experiencing any issues with WIRL please send the link for this article to your IT support person to assist them with their trouble shooting.

1. Videos won’t play

Occasionally our new customers have problems playing the video and  this can be due to a whole range of issues which always work out to something simple. Can you play the videos directly using this link from the same machine where it is currently failing ?
If so  it seems like it might be more something related to the video player that is used in the browser. We use jwplayer we’ve seen videos fail because JW player was getting scanned for malware and being blocked or timing out.  The key is to Whitelist both the video source ( )and the video player.

2. Career Quiz Checkbox Issues

Sometimes depending on the school browsers the checkboxes on the career quiz are not selectable.  By way of background the WIRL website does not use the standard checkbox element instead using a html SPAN element to stand in for the checkbox and hidden the actual form element. The user clicks the span (which is nicely styled to go dark), and in the background javascript checks the box. Given that we can’t replicate this issue and that we have hundreds of customers happily using the quiz the issue is related to the browser you have in place for the students.  One thing for you to check at your end may be that some settings on your pcs that block javascript or something like that? Another thing to check might be that IE is using some weird rendering mode like Compatability mode or quirks mode. We’ve tested the pages in both these modes and can’t find any problems but that could be worth checking just to make sure it’s not something specific to your computers. To check this the user can load the page on wirl, then press F12 and lok at the Browser Mode and Document Mode in the top bar (IE 10 and below – this won’t appear in IE11).


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To subscribe to WIRL Career simply click the link below.

From there we'll send you back an invoice and your school login details. Simple as that!

Standard Pricing

To make WIRL more accessible to all schools standard pricing has been substantially reduced. Pricing is site based and annual pricing is as follows:

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2 Campus


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4 Campus


What People are saying about us

The movies you can watch are great. It is a great way to see and listen to someone who is currently in the industry, and to find out how they entered the industry as well as the tasks they are required to complete.

Courtney Ley

Year 12 Student, VIC

June just forwarded your email, so I logged on...the first time I have seen your material...fantastic, congratulations. There is no doubt that once a few of the schools get it there will be a stampede!!

Neil Bates

Youth Connect, VIC

WIRL is a resource that is simple but effective. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. It provides a different and very stimulating learning tool for students. They love it!

Mandy McConnell

Careers Adviser, Barham High School, NSW

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We see WIRL Career as a partnership between young people, career advisers, community groups, industry associations and education providers. Our team has significant expertise in developing media content having run both professional and vocational development projects across the country. If you would like to develop industry specific career content or to profile your course options feel free to contact us.

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